GEOLOC offers the most advanced polymer based geotechnical solutions for any soil management challenges.

  • Erosion control
  • Bank seeding
  • Flood plains
  • Infrastructure works

Made under rigorous standards and consistent procedures to deliver high performance stabilisation to road substrates.

  • Deep base stabilisation
  • Haul road maintenance
  • Main and access roads
  • Roads beds and shoulders

Using our patented liquid polymers, GEOLOC provides the most effective dust control solutions from Mining to Agricultural.

  • Mining stock piles and tailings
  • Metallurgical coal
  • Solar farms
  • Vineyards

GEOLOC - GeoLite is arguably the most advanced repair mortar for extreme concrete applications, with ultra high MPa performance.

  • Just add water!
  • Early setting curve
  • Low shrink- High final MPa
  • Tenaciously bonds to concrete


We have mastered Earth Management by pioneering the development and commercialisation of engineered, environmentally sustainable substrate binding solutions.


Cutting edge technology

  • Rated by geo experts as the most advanced and effective binding technology

Environmental stewardship

  • Proven ecological testing to ensure all our products have no adverse environmental effects

Expertise and competence

  • Over 100 years of combined experience in cutting edge molecular technology drives our teams to be positioned at the frontier of Geo-technical excellence.

A unique approach

  •  GEOLOC’s extensive industry experience and knowledge of local conditions and requirements for earth management is key to us providing the most effective, unique and sustainable solutions.

Cost effective and long lasting solutions

  • High quality standards and consistent products that remain effective over their lifetime.

Sustainability Ethos


We believe in a sustainable future, where businesses are able to profit while looking after the environment.


GEOLOC offers transformative benefits in earth management through a disruptive technology to add value to communities, businesses and the environment.


We constantly strive for perfection in everything we do and command a mindset of sustainability through high quality products, cost effective solutions and sustainable practices.


We believe transparency builds trust. Our motto is always to work in an ethical and accountable manner by sharing our beliefs, strengths and areas of improvement with our team and customers.

We service a wide range of industries with innovative technologies


Earth Management

We are focused on building an environmentally sustainable business.