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GEOLOC formulations are designed to enhance the effectiveness and safety of a wide range of industries. Our vast array of technologies and experience will determine the application rates, procedures and special conditions for your site.

GEOLOC quality control and assurance is an ongoing process to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental footprint. Our applications ensure geo technical solutions and sustainable approaches to solve issues related to soil stabilisation, dust mitigation and erosion control in the following industries.


Mining activities and their impact on the environment have long been a public concern, such as erosion and sedimentation. Harmful effects related to dust exposure has also been considered a serious health threat to mine workers. In addition, in the past 35 years, there has been a monumental shift in the size and capabilities of the vehicles operating on unsealed haul and access roads on mine sites.

GEOLOC provides the most effective and thus sustainable soil erosion control formulation for mining projects based on the environmental compliance regulations. Our formulations are not only eco-friendly and biodegradable but also have a long lifespan by using a natural and cost-effective dust control method for mine sites.


When it comes to mining stockpiles and tailings and their safety concerns about topical sealers for metallurgical coal fires, GEOLOC has the most effective solution for this and the associated dust mitigation and soil stabilisation in the metallurgical arena.

Environmental regulations have substantially increased in the sector and consequently mining companies have faced more challenges in terms of coal fires, haul road management and dust mitigation. We have developed customisable solutions for bulk transportation on haul and access roads, construction and mining air safety and quality and staging areas.


The renewable energy sector has sharply expanded across Australia and around the world bringing a positive outlook for the future. However, the industry has also faced issues with dust generation on their sites. For instance, unsealed access roads on and around their solar farms, produce a lot of dust which accumulates on the surface of solar panels and drastically reduces their efficiency and demands intensive cleaning regimes.

GEOLOC has an array of soil stabilisation and dust control technologies from surface sealants to dust binders to eliminate dust generation and stabilise road surfaces in a sustainable way.


In rural areas, farming operations can create a long-term impact on the environment in terms of dust generation. Airborne dust and micro-organisms are associated with health issues in the agricultural industry. For instance, respiratory disease and crop quality and dust contamination are serious issues in all sectors, from livestock to viticulture.

With an effective range of dust control solutions, we have mastered the way to dust controlled solutions. Additionally we offer high performance stabilisation to granular access roads, shoulder integrity, parking lots and forestry roads.


Infrastructure and construction projects can potentially have a detrimental impact on the environment. Soil erosion and sedimentation on construction sites are more likely to happen if businesses do not follow best practices for environmental compliance. Sediment, concreting, plastering and painting are the major causes of erosion and sedimentation on construction sites. These damages can occur both on and off the construction site leading to environmental and economic impacts.

GEOLOC has helped businesses from small to large scale projects providing tailored soil erosion control solutions. Our natural formulations have been extensively tested and proved that last longer and remain effective over its lifetime. By providing a waterproof, insoluble, non-toxic and non-slippery polymer erosion control solution to the construction environment.

Road and Rail

Safety and environmental concerns have been raised on many sites regarding the control of heavy machinery on road and rail surfaces, particularly in wet conditions. Wet-weather conditions, for instance, can degrade road beds and shoulders by creating pavement cracks and potholes and consequently increasing down-time with machinery.

Traffic and weather are the main causes of soil degradation and dust issues at work sites, therefore, complete coating is vitally important to supply structural integrity to the seal on the roadbed.

GEOLOC assess special site conditions such as excessive washout areas, shoulders, tight turning radiuses, ravines, ditches and acceleration and breaking areas. By supplying coatings that are composed of natural ingredients and do not contribute undesirable metals, organic chemicals or other compounds to the environment.

Infrastructure and Industry Maintenance

GEOLOC - GeoLite is arguably the most advanced repair mortar for extreme concrete applications, with ultra high MPa performance.

GeoLite is an eco-friendly, mineral geo-mortar, that can passivate repairs around rebar, and finish and protect deteriorated concrete in a single solution.

GEOLOC GeoLite can be used for almost any application and for all concrete and masonry filling or repairs.

Result: Naturally stable repairs which crystallize with the concrete to form a monolithic element with a durability akin to mineral rock.

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